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AlanyaFood is launching soon.

AlanyaFood is an Order & Delivery Service for Restaurants located in Alanya. Restaurant Owners can cotact us for listing their Company at our Website for a moderate price and comission. Our Package includes a User App, Web App, Delivery Man App and a Restaurant App with a Restaurant Admin Panel and POS System. AlanyaFood is part of the Alanya City Guide (tr-alanya.com).

E-Mail: info@food-alanya.com | Tel: +90 534 8729868

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Alanya City Guide is located in Alanya.

Our City Guide is a Business Directory for Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, Real Estate Agencies, Airport Services, Travel Agencies and other Companies. Companies can get listed by us. This Website will be very useful for travelers and other customers. On our Webside also Videos can be published. We also offer a Online News Magazine and much more. If you are interested to get listed please contact us:

E-Mail: info@tr-alanya.com | Tel: +90 534 8729868


We are looking for employees to be able to grow faster. Apply at: employee@tr-alanya.com The official start of our website after company foundation is 05.11.2022. At the moment our Website is online to have a better Google ranking when our Company starts in November and for SEO optimization.


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City Guide Alanya


Alanya Business Directory is surely one of the best web directories for restaurants, hotels and much more in Turkey. Through our Restaurant Guide one can find the best eateries, bars or coffee house in Alanya region and its districts, order food or reserve a table. The web directory is currently available in English and will be available in TURKISH AND GERMAN in the near future. If you are a venue owner or operator, contact us so we can add you to our city guide. If you don't have a website yet, we can create a homepage, a logo or an application (app) for your company at super low prices and take care of online marketing and social media support for you. We also offer PHP programming and video productions so that you can present your company even better. All this and more at an unbelievably good price. For more information, please visit our web design page at www.tr-alanya.com/webdesign/ . You can also contact us by email (webdesign@tr-alanya.com). We are already looking forward to a good cooperation.


With image films you create even more attention for your Restaurant, Hotel or Company. Get your message to the point and shine with atmosphere. With your personal and professional image film you stand out from your competition. We produce image films for your Company in Alanya.


The TR-Alanya.com advertising agency is also a web space provider for your customers with a fast network connection. We create your own high-quality and 99.9% available homepage (website) for you.


We are true professionals in the fields of WEBDESIGN and homepage design and in the design of graphic products, social media Support, online marketing and SEO search engine optimization.


Creation of professional social media pages (product pages, company pages or fan pages) Platform of your choice such as Facebook or Google+ Contribution optimization using a link or keyword Delayed posting is possible with us Graphic design and image optimization


Ever since the internet has existed in the commercial sector, companies have used it for successful internet advertising. It is necessary to place advertisements beyond one's own website, since there are also certain nodes on various topics on the Internet. It is very helpful to be represented with advertising on these nodes in order to be able to market your company better.


We program e-commerce systems for your company. E-commerce includes the complete package of shop solutions, marketing and sales. With our e-commerce systems, you can improve your customer management, business transactions and contact with users. Contact us to find out more.

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